Thursday, September 29, 2011

ALSA Champs Win ASEAN Debate for Indonesia

Indonesia defeated Thailand in the grandfinal of the ASEAN Youth Debate in Bandung yesterday with both countries being represented by debating teams from their top universities. The winning team were the same Universitas Indonesia squad that won the ALSA UI E-Comp last May - Adlini Ilma Ghaisany, Roderick Sibarani and Dennys Kapa - while Thailand fielded Nuanpan Ketumarn, Yuttana Saisangkagomon and Tidarat Yingcharoen, debaters from Chulalongkorn University who came second in the 2011 EU-Thailand Debate Championships - the country's equivalent to IVED. 

Six other ASEAN countries sent their representatives to the competition, which is part of the Tunza International Children & Youth Conference on the Environment. All participants of this UN-sponsored event must join discussions on sustainable development that will produce a declaration tomorrow. Due to this format, the 8 countries had different methods in tailoring their contingents. Same-school debaters formed the core of the Indonesian and Thai delegations. Malaysia and the Philippines mixed debaters and non-debaters from different colleges in their contingents. However, Singapore sent students with scant debating experience although its leading school NUS won the top Asian competition UADC this year. Malaysia and Singapore reached the semifinals of the Bandung debates. 

With this victory, Gesa-Odi-Dennys are the only 3-member team in Indonesia that have won 2 trophies this year so far. If they had used the UI flag in Bandung, it would had been the school's fifth English debating trophy in 2011.      

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