Monday, December 31, 2012

WUDC 2013: Indonesian Teams Still in Contention After R6

Results after R6 of the 2013 World Universities Debating Championships, released by the organisers, show several Indonesian teams still have the hope to break into elimination stage, including in the open competition. With the new 48-team break system, teams with 17 points after 9 rounds may have a chance to advance into the main knockouts. Last year, teams with 15 points could make the cut for the ESL quarterfinals while a squad had to possess 13 points to safely break in the EFL category. The expansion from 8 to 16 teams that can break in the EFL group this year may give teams with 11 points a shot while the ESL bar stays the same.

Auditorium at TU Berlin - Venue of WUDC 2013
No Indonesian has broken into the main WUDC out rounds or reached the top 48 team list. The only time Indonesians got an under-100 rank was in 1999 when the UI pair of Ria Nuri Dharmawan and Puguh "Pupung" Priambodo ended at #85 during the country's first foray in Worlds. Ria now is a World Bank lawyer while Pupung is a diplomat. Last year, another UI duo (Ahmad Naufal Dai & Irene Severina) broke 1st in the EFL category with 14 points while a team from Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (Teddy Triatmojo & Halim Nuswantoro) came 8th with 13 points but both fell in the semifinals.

Here are the standings of the 10 Indonesian teams with their ESL/EFL language status. The best possible score after R6 is 18 points.

Binus International (Invi Atmanegara/Jaran Walia) - 9 (ESL)
Institut Teknologi Bandung (Jane Revevalin/Kirana Kania) - 9 (ESL)
Universitas Indonesia (Dimas Hokka/Riza Aryani) - 8 (ESL)Universitas Gadjah Mada (Erwina Salsabila/Novelisa Wirid) - 8 (EFL)
Universitas Atma Jaya (Cindy Fransisca/Davin Susanto) - 8 (EFL)
Universitas Padjadjaran (Dimas Aditya/Erfan Supradhono) - 7 (EFL)
Binus University (Rosmiyana/Sabarudin Adinugroho) - 6 (EFL)
Institut Pertanian Bogor (Gideon Satria/Devi Fitri Yani) - 5 (EFL)
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (Niki Septi/Retno Rahma Safitri) - 5 (EFL)
Universitas Musamus (Desy Eva Laila/Hastuti Dwi Virgita) - 3 (EFL)

Note: Universitas Mulawarman failed to fly to Berlin but it was listed on the R1 draw due to proof of payment.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

WUDC 2013: Condoms, Alphorns Welcome Debaters in Berlin

Debaters from all around the globe who have descended in Berlin for the 2013 World Universities Debating Championships found a strip of condoms in their official kits and listened to the music from long alphorns as planet Earth's most prestigious debating event commenced. Eleven teams from Indonesia are among the 800 debaters who will vie for a handful of titles up for grabs.

For the first time in history, WUDC will have 48 teams advancing into the open knockout stage. The top 16 teams will take a breather while 32 teams under them fight for the remaining 16 octofinal spots. In the ESL and EFL categories, there will be 16 teams each that can break into the quarterfinals, which can mean plenty of Indonesians making the cut. The new arrangements will make January 2, the time for knockout rounds, a very long day. According to schedule, January 3 is reserved for the finals of the three categories.

Preliminary debates will kick off today at 9 am Berlin time (1500 WIB). R2 is expected to start at 1 pm (1900 WIB) and the last round of the day is scheduled at 4.15 pm (2215 WIB). Selected debates will be streamed live at this channel and there will be some direct showings on YouTube. All prelim debates will take place at Technische Universitat Berlin.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Change of Guards at Top Indonesian Debate Clubs

A handful of English debating clubs in Indonesia went through leadership changes in the last few weeks of 2012, including powerhouses English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia, English Debating Society Universitas Gadjah Mada.Binus International Pool of English Debaters  The new president of EDS UI, the leading club in Indonesia, is second-year communications student Anastasia Sijabat. Under her predecessor Aulia Anggita, UI grabbed 5 trophies in 2012, making it the best performer this year and maintaining the bar high for torchbearers and rivals. 

EDS UGM, which has the second largest trophy cabinet after UI, this week voted to make Dianty Widyowati, an EFL finalist of the 2012 Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championships, its new leader. Coincidentally, the new presidents of the two leading clubs graduated from the same high school -- SMA 14 Jakarta. BIPEDS, the EFL champion of the 2012 United Asian Debating Championships, also changed guards. Right after it smoothly hosted the 2012 ABP, Andrew Wisnu Sadeli and Andrianto Khiputra rose as its co-captains. Soon after, previous captains Jaran Walia and Invi Atmanegara broke at the 2012 World Universities Peace Invitational Debate, giving a great boost to their successors.  

The three outfits will compete in the World Universities Debating Championships with preliminaries starting tomorrow. A good showing in Berlin will clearly fire up them for the year ahead.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

WUDC 2013: 11 Indonesian Teams Ready for Berlin Worlds

TU Berlin - Venue of WUDC 2013
Eleven teams from Indonesia will be part of the 800 debaters from all around the globe who are going to compete in the 2013 World Universities Debating Championships in Berlin this week. Some of them have WUDC experience while some have never debated abroad before. One team --Cindy Fransisca & Davin Susanto from Universitas Atma Jaya-- will debate under the name "Dikti Indonesia", the government unit that is sponsoring them. No Indonesian team has broken into the main WUDC elimination stage.

The highest an Indonesian team could reach was #85 in 1999. Since the introduction of ESL/EFL categories in WUDC, 11 Indonesian teams, 8 of them from Universitas Indonesia, have broken into the knockouts of these secondary levels.

Indonesia's WUDC 2013 teams that want to change those numbers are as follows:
Binus International (Invi Atmanegara & Jaran Walia)
Binus University (Rosmiyana & Sabarudin Adinugroho)
Dikti Indonesia (Cindy Fransisca & Davin Susanto)
Institut Pertanian Bogor (Devi Fitri Yani & Gideon Satria)
Institut Teknologi Bandung (Kirana Kania & Jane Revevalin)
Universitas Gadjah Mada (Erwina Salsabila & Novelisa Wirid)
Universitas Indonesia (Dimas Hokka & Riza Aryani)
Universitas Mulawarman (Khairunisa & Mensel Santoso)
Universitas Musamus (Desy Eva Laila & Hastuti Dwi Virgita)
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (Niki Septy & Retno Rahma Safitri)
Universitas Padjadjaran (Dimas Aditya & M. Erfan Supradhono)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

IVED 2013: Prepared Motions

The adjudication core of the 2013 Indonesian Varsities English Debate announced a few days ago that three rounds will not be impromptu. They revealed 9 motions under 3 different headings. They, however, did not assign the motions to a specific round. The prepared motions are:

Institut Teknologi Bandung - Venue of IVED 2013
THBT it is more beneficial to address climate change now than in the future
THBT developing nations should introduce environmental tax
THBT Annex 1 nations should give unconditional citizenship to environmental refugees
TH opposes fan fiction
TH regrets the existence of Safe Haven laws
THBT the state should give tax breaks to video game companies that provide homosexual romance options in the storyline of their games

THBT international law should allow countries attacked by terrorists to demand compensation from the origin country of the terrorists
TH welcomes an African-led intervention for Mali
THW focus the development of defense and military in cyber warfare

IVED 2013 will take place at Institut Teknologi Bandung from January 11-16, 2013. The adjudication core is led by IVED 2010 champion Kirana Kania from the host institution. Her deputies are E-Fest 2012 champion Cindy Fransisca (Universitas Atma Jaya), JOVED 2011 champion Edward Sutanto (Universitas Diponegoro) and Jakarta Mini 2012 best speaker Boby Andika (Universitas Indonesia).

Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Third Trimester Debate Results

The 2012 debating season in Indonesia is coming to an end. There will be only 11 Indonesian  teams going to the 2013 World Universities Debating Championships in Berlin during the post-Christmas holiday to wrap up the year. Many clubs are now preparing for the year ahead. To acknowledge recent debating achievements, here are the results of nationwide debating tournaments in Indonesia in the third trimester of 2012 (September-November).

JFF@Universitas Indonesia (September)
Champions: Fusion (Invi Atmanegara/Binus Intl & Wilson Salim/Binus Intl)
Finalists: Barnabas Collins (Rifan Ibnu Rahman/ITB & Jane Revevalin/ITB), Rekall (Dennys Kapa/UI & Cheryl Cosslett/SMA 1 Bogor), Chindians (Jaran Walia/Binus Intl & Melisa Irene/Binus Intl)
Best Speaker: Cindy Fransisca (Peranakan/Atma Jaya)

Ganesha Open@Institut Teknologi Bandung (September)
Champions: Brooklyn's Finest (Dennys Kapa/UI & Dito Krista/ITB)
Finalists: Boby's Spotlight (Boby Andika/UI & Bramesada Prasastyoga/UI), Diogenes Club (Kirana Kania/ITB & Melliza Pretty/ITB), Universitas Gadjah Mada C (Amir Abdul Aziz & Nabila Aghniarizqa)
Best Speaker: Dwita Aryani (Makan Yuk Guys/Unpar)

E-Fest@Universitas Lampung (September)
Champions: Universitas Atma Jaya B (Cindy Fransisca & Richard Hanjaya)
Finalists: Universitas Bakrie A (Aryo Febrian & Alfia Firliani), Binus University A (Rosmiyana & Sabarudin Adinugroho), Universitas Brawijaya A (Dungga Nur Prayogo & Nur Rizki Oceano)
Best Speaker: Invi Atmanegara (Binus Intl B)

Newbies@Universitas Indonesia (November)
Champions: Universitas Indonesia A (Zivana Sabili, Opi Aristya, Claristy)
Finalists: Universitas Padjadjaran B (Siti Nisrina Hasna, Livita Sumali, Wiraditma Pranata)
Best Speaker: Zivana Sabili (UI A)

Makassar Open@Politeknik Ujung Pandang (November)
Champions: Universitas Jenderal Soedirman A (Algi Rahmat Alfiyanto & Riswanto)
Finalists: Soviet Empire (Muhammad Akbar Walenna/Unhas & Andi Aumi Anggraeni/Unhas), Olympians (Muhammad Kharji/Unhas & Framita Rahman/Unhas), Victoria (Sri Rahayu/Unhas & Muhammad Fahmi/Unhas)
Best Speaker: Muhammad Akbar Walenna (Soviet Empire/Unhas) 

Founders' Trophy@Universitas Indonesia (November)Champions: Ahmad Naufal Dai - Rifan Ibnu Rahman (Ex-UI/ITB)
Finalists: Luthfi Abdurrahman - Muhammad Pandu (Ex-ITB), Ahdiat Permana - Roderick Sibarani (UI), Dimas Hokka - Riza Aryani (UI)
Best Novice Team: Aulia Widyaputra - Muhammad Lutfi (ITB)
Best Novice Speaker: Ibrahim Hanif (UGM)

Special achievements in major international tournaments:

Asian BP@Binus International (October)
EFL Finalists: Universitas Indonesia 1 (Dennys Kapa & Elghafiky Bimardhika), Binus University 1 (Rosmiyana & Sabarudin Adinugroho), Universitas Gadjah Mada 1 (Cinantyan Punjung & Wida Wahyuni)

WUPID@Taylor's College (December)
Quarterfinalists: Binus International A (Invi Atmanegara & Jaran Walia)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

NUS Wins SDO 2012, Bryan Gunawan in Final Panel

National University of Singapore A (Imran Rahim & Robin Teo) won the 2012 Singapore Debate Open last night, defeating teams from University of Cambridge, University of the Witwatersrand and a composite from Malaysia called "Karma" in the last debate. None of the 5 participating Indonesian teams broke into the elimination stage but Bryan Gunawan, a former Binus University debater who now leads the rapidly growing On That Point speech training company, advanced as a judge all the way to the grand final. Bryan also judged in the knockouts of Asian British Parliamentary Debate Championship and Hong Kong Debate Open this year.

Binus International pair Invi Atmanegara and Jaran Walia came very close from making a second international break in as many weeks after they collected the same points with the the last two qualifiers but had insufficient speaker scores to make the cut. They broke in the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate last week. Except from Karma, the other finalists also met in the 2012 WUPID final. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

WUPID 2012: South Africans Take Away the Trophy

Debaters from South Africa outshone two past champions of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate to snatch this year's title. #5 University of the Witwatersrand 1 (Chris Wood & Michael Macklin) pulled off an upset on Tuesday when they denied last year's champions Victoria University of Wellington 1 (Richard D'Ath & Seb Templeton) and 2010 winners National University of Singapore 1 (Imran Rahim & Robin Teo) from winning the tournament twice. Victoria 1 and NUS 1 were hot favourites entering the final after breaking first and second respectively. NUS' Robin Teo topped the individual tab.

Three Indonesian teams went to WUPID 2012 and a pair from Binus International (Invi Atmanegara & Jaran Walia) made history by becoming the first Indonesians who can advance into the tournament's elimination stage. WUPID is annually held in Kuala Lumpur and invites selected teams from all around the world.

Monday, December 3, 2012

DOTY 2012: Rifan Ibnu Rahman Secures Title With FT Win

Rifan Ibnu Rahman from Institut Teknologi Bandung will be the 2012 Debater of the Year when the count ends at turn of the year after he outmatched his own coaches last week to win this year's Founders Trophy. Most of his closest rivals competed in FT 2012 but they failed to shine. The results made Rifan cement his pole position, which he has held from February. The ongoing WUPID 2012 may boost a few debaters but with 16 points above any of his rivals, Rifan is in no threat.

Rifan won 5 tournaments this year - PNDC, ITS Open, IPSDC, Jakarta Mini and FT- and grabbed 2 best speaker awards from PNDC and AEO. He competed in 9 competitions that can be counted for DOTY. In all of those events, he could earn points. Rifan, the former president of ITB's English debating club, came second in last year's race to be DOTY. The DOTY 2012 title will be a sweet end to his undergraduate varsity debating career. He has been accepted to work for Unilever this year.

The November list of DOTY also has a number of new entrants from Sulawesi. The Makassar Debate Open, which previously was a local South Sulawesi tournament, attracted participation from debaters from four other provinces, including those from the main island of Java, making it a nationwide tournament. Debaters from Central Java's Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, who were already on the DOTY list, won MDO but the rest of the other good performers came from the eastern island.

The top 10 as of November 2012 are:
1. Rifan Ibnu Rahman (Institut Teknologi Bandung)
2. Invi Atmanegara (Binus International)
3. Dennys Kapa (Universitas Indonesia)
4. Cindy Fransisca (Universitas Atma Jaya)
5. Jaran Walia (Binus International)
6. Dwita Aryani (Universitas Parahyangan)
7. R. Aryo Febrian (Universitas Bakrie)
8. Sabarudin Adinugroho (Binus University)
9. Rosmiyana (Binus University)
10. Elghafiky Bimardhika (Universitas Indonesia)

Click here for full table

WUPID 2012: Bipeds in Top 16, First From Indonesia to Break

Binus International Pool of English Debaters (Bipeds) became the first ever Indonesian institution that can break into the knockouts of the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate in Kuala Lumpur. Bipeds 1 (Invi Atmanegara & Jaran Walia) last night advanced into the WUPID 2012 quarterfinals after collecting 8 points from 5 debates and taking 15th position on the tab. They will meet strong teams from National University of Singapore, Australia's Monash University and the renowned University of Cambridge tomorrow. Their schoolmates Bipeds 2 (Wilson Salim & Melisa Irene) came short from following suit. Aulia Anggita and Egalita Irfan from Universitas Indonesia, who are the first Indonesians to progress into the main elimination stage of an overseas tournament this year, also competed in WUPID 2012 but missed the cut.  Last May, Invi and Jaran gave Binus International its first major international trophy after winning the EFL category of the 2012 United Asian Debating Championships.  

Break List of WUPID 2012

  1. Victoria University of Wellington 1 (NZL)
  2. National University of Singapore 1 (SIN)
  3. National University of Singapore 2 (SIN)
  4. University of the Philippines, Diliman 1 (PHP)
  5. University of the Witwatersrand 1 (SAF)
  6. University of Cape Town 1 (SAF)
  7. University of Cambridge 1 (ENG)
  8. Universiti Teknologi Mara 1 (MAL)
  9. University of the Philippines, Manila 1 (PHP)
  10. Monash University 1 (AUS)
  11. Ateneo de Manila University 1 (PHP)
  12. Universiti Teknologi Mara 2 (MAL)
  13. International Islamic University 1 (MAL)
  14. International Islamic University 2 (MAL)
  15. Binus International 1 (INA)
  16. National University of Singapore 3 (SIN)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

FT 2012: Key Results

Champions: Ahmad Naufal Dai/Rifan Ibnu Rahman (Ex UI/ITB)
Finalists: Luthfi Abdurrahman/Muhammad Pandu (Ex ITB), Ahdiat Permana/Roderick Sibarani (UI), Dimas Hokka/Riza Aryani (UI/Ex UI)
Best Speaker: Luthfi Abdurrahman (ITB)

Top 10 Speakers:
1. Luthfi Abdurrahman (Ex ITB)
2. Muhammad Pandu (Ex ITB)
3. Roderick Sibarani (UI)
4. Boby Andika Ruitang (UI)
5. Dwita Aryani (Unpar)
6. Rifan Ibnu Rahman (ITB)
6. Ahmad Naufal Dai (Ex UI)
8. Ahdiat Permana (UI)
9. Bramesada Prasastyoga (UI)
9. Dimas Hokka (UI)

Round-by-round best speakers (Each round is inspired by a book)
R1. The English is Coming
Motion: THBT there is no place for foreign language in the national curriculum for elementary schools
Best Speaker: Luthfi Abdurrahman (Ex ITB)

R2. Why is the Penis Shaped Like That
Motion: THBT the state should never regulate consensual sex behaviour
Best Speaker: Muhammad Pandu (Ex ITB)

R3. Animal Liberation
Motion: TH condones illegal direct action in liberating animals used in labs
Best Speaker: Luthfi Abdurrahman (Ex ITB)

R4. Freedom from Fear
Motion: THBT Myanmar sanctions should stay until the Rohingya issue is settled
Best Speaker: Muhammad Pandu (Ex ITB)

R5. Guns, Wars and Votes
Motion: THBT the international community should quash any coup against the winner of a democratic election
Best Speaker: Dwita Aryani (Unpar)

QF. Extremely Violent Societies
Motion: THBT the Indonesian government should apologise to the victims of the 1965 communist purge
Best Speaker: Dwita Aryani (Unpar)

SF. It's Rising Time
Motion: THW pay mothers to stay home
Best Speaker: Luthfi Abdurrahman (Ex ITB)

GF. When Religion Becomes Lethal
Motion: TH condemns the push for an international protocol against blasphemy
Best Speaker: Rifan Ibnu Rahman (ITB)
Best Novice Speaker: Ibrahim Hanif (UGM)
Best Novice Team: Aulia Widyaputra/Muhammad Lutfi (ITB)

Break List:
1. Luthfi Abdurrahman/Muhammad Pandu (Ex ITB)
2. Ahdiat Permana/Roderick Sibarani (UI)
3. Boby Andika Ruitang/Bramesada Prasastyoga (UI)
4. Ahmad Naufal Dai/Rifan Ibnu Rahman (Ex UI/ITB)
5. Dwita Aryani/Dito Krista (Unpar/ITB)
6. Dimas Hokka/Riza Aryani (UI/Ex UI)
7. Invi Atmanegara/Jaran Walia (Binus Intl)
8. Astri Agustina/Ibrahim Hanif (UGM)
9. Erwina Salsabila/Thoriq Murthado (UGM)
10. Bryan Gunawan/Rajkumar Narendra (Ex Binus/Ex Binus Intl)
11. Dimas Aditya/Erfan Supradhono (Unpad)
12. Aulia Anggita/Elghafiky Bimardhika (UI)
13. Cindy Fransisca/Davin Susanto (Atma)
14. Melisa Irene/Wilson Salim (Binus Intl)
15. Caessar Pronocitro/Novelisa Wirid (Ex UGM)
16. Rendi Prahara/Nurbaniyara Muthmainnah (Unpad/Unpar)
17. Arbi Wienandar/Leo Wibisono (Unsoed/IPB)
((#16 opted out of the break, replaced by #17)

Monday, November 26, 2012

FT 2012: UI-ITB Hybrid Dai-Rahman Wins in Second Attempt

Rifan Ibnu Rahman & Ahmad Naufal Dai

Ahmad Naufal Dai, a former Universitas Indonesia debater, and Institut Teknologi Bandung's Rifan Ibnu Rahman teamed up for  Founders Trophy in 2011 and reached the final. This year, Dai-Rahman tried again and took home the top prize -- the Papuan sculpture. For Dai, it was his second FT victory after winning Indonesia's toughest debate tournament in 2009. From that year on, he has always appeared in the final FT debate, sitting on the opposition bench. He is the only male debater who has won FT twice.

In the final, they spoke as Opening Opposition and knocked down the motion "This House condemns the push for an international protocol against blasphemy", which was proposed by #1 Muhammad Pandu/Luthfi Abdurrahman,  ITB graduates who championed NUEDC in 2009. The closing teams were #2 Ahdiat Permana/Roderick Sibarani, students of UI's economics faculty, and Dimas Hokka/Riza Aryani who grabbed the Australs ESL title for UI last year. It was the third time in a row that the FT champions were debaters from OO in the final.

The best speaker award went to Luthfi Abdurrahman who became the only male debater who has topped the FT individual tab twice. He also took home three books after getting the highest score in three separate rounds.  FT motions derive from books donated by UI alumni, which  will later go to the best performance in that round. The other books also went to speakers associated with Bandung universites. His partner Muhammad Pandu bagged two and so did Dwita Aryani from Universitas Parahyangan. The best speaker in the final was Rifan Ibnu Rahman who has topped the IndoDebate Debater of the Year list for almost the entire year.

FT also gives out prizes to novices without prior varsity BP debating experience. This year, the best novice speaker title went to Ibrahim Hanif from Universitas Gadjah Mada who reached all the way to the semifinal with his veteran partner. ITB freshmen pair Aulia Widyaputra & Muhammad Lutfi won the best novice team award.

FT is an annual tournament held by English Debating Society UI, the pioneer of competitive debating in Indonesia. FT organisers are always new EDSUI recruits with supervision from seniors and support from the alumni corps.             

Saturday, November 24, 2012

FT 2012: Ex ITB Debaters Take First 3 Books

NUEDC 2009 champions Muhammad Pandu and Luthfi Abdurrahman, who recently graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, won the first three books up for grabs in the 2012 Founders Trophy today. The best speaker of each round in FT gets a book from which the motion is taken from. Uphie grabbed the R1 and R3 books while Pandu was top speaker in R2. The pair had the perfect score of 9 points entering R4. Four preliminary rounds took place today but R4 results were not announced. R5 will run tomorrow morning before three knockout rounds. 

R1: THBT there is no place for foreign language in the national elementary school curriculum
Book Winner: Luthfi Abdurrahman

R2: THBT the state should never regulate consensual sexual behaviour
Book Winner: Muhammad Pandu

R3: THW condone illegal direct actions in liberating animals used in labs
Book Winner: Luthfi Abdurrahman

Friday, November 23, 2012

FT 2012: Battle of Champions Begins Tomorrow

There will only be less than 40 teams that are going to compete in the 2012 Founders Trophy tomorrow but  more than 50 percent of those have at least one member with a championship title or best speaker award, living up to the tournament's reputation as Indonesia's toughest nationwide British Parliamentary debate competition. In most competitions, the share of champions is usually far below that. As a comparison, in the last NUEDC, the largest BP competition in Indonesia, only 6 out of 95 teams, or less than 7 per cent, could boast nationwide accolades when they entered the arena.

This does not mean FT is unfriendly to young, unforeseen debaters. It is still the only nationwide open competition in Indonesia that could be won by a full high school team - SMA Kanisius Jakarta championed FT 2004. It is also a graveyard for many past national champions. Last year, an IVED champion and an ALSA UI winner failed to break. With the intense level of competition, FT is far from predictable. It is still anyone's game with each preliminary round to be crucial because only 16 teams will advance to the knockouts, which means at least 4 past champions won't debate after round 5.

The 20 teams with national tournament champs/best speakers in FT 2012 in alphabetical order of the first member who has a title.

Ahdiat Permana/Roderick Sibarani - (1) JOVED 2009, Bawor 2010, 2011 champ/ (2) ALSA UI 2011, JOVED 2012, JM 2012 champ 
Ahmad Naufal Dai/Rifan Ibnu Rahman - (1) JOVED 2009, FT 2010, BIND 2011 champ/ (2) JFF 2011, ITS 2012, JM 2012 champ 
Alifia Firliani/Alfan Rezani - (1) NDC 2012 champ 
Alris Alfharisi/Fiski Aditya - (1) IPSDC 2012 champ
Astri Agustina/Ibrahim Hanif - (1) IVED 2009, SODE 2011 champ & best speaker/ (2) ALSA UI 2009 (HS) champ & best speaker  
Aulia Anggita/Elghafiky Bimardhika - (1) ALSA UI 2012, Bawor 2012 champ/ (2) BIND 2011, JOVED 2012 champ 
Boby Andika/Bramesada Prasastyoga - (1) ALSA UI 2008 (HS) champ, JM 2012 best speaker 
Bryan Gunawan/Rajkumar Narendra - (1) AUDC 2008 EFL champ/ (2) IPSDC 2010, ALSA Unpad 2011 champ 
Caessar Pronocitro/Novelisa Wirid - (1) ALSA UI 2007 champ/ (2) NUEDC 2008, AUDC 2007 EFL champ/ (1&2) SODE 2011 champs 
Cindy Fransisca/Davin Susanto - (1) E-Fest 2012 champ, IPSDC 2012, JFF 2012 best speaker 
Dimas Hokka/Riza Aryani - (1) Bawor 2010, 2011 champ/ (2) IVED 2010, NUEDC 2012 best speaker/(1&2) Australs 2011 ESL champs 
Dito Krista/Dwita Aryani - (1) IVED 2010, GO 2012 champ, NUEDC 2011 best speaker/ (2) Bawor 2012, GO 2012 best speaker 
Dungga Nur Prayogo/Nur Luthfi Hidayatullah - (1) IDC Ma Chung 2012 champ/ (2) IHL 2012 best speaker 
Erwina Salsabila/Thoriq Murtadho - (1) IHL 2012 champ/ (2) FT 2011 best novice speaker 
Invi Atmanegara/Jaran Walia - (1)JFF 2012 champ, EFest 2012 best speaker/(2)ALSA EC 2011 champ/(1&2)UADC 2012 EFL champs 
Leo Wibisono/Arbi Wienandar - (1) Asian BP 2011 EFL best speaker 
Muhammad Pandu/Luthfi Abdurahman - (1)ALSA UI2012 best speaker/(2)ALSA UI 2010, SEO2011 Champ/(1&2) NUEDC 2009 champs 
Nurbaniyara Muthmainnah/Rendi Prahara - (1) Newbies 2010 best speaker/ (2) EU-IDC 2011, ALSA EC 2012 champ  
Reggy Hasibuan/Erico Himawan - (1) JOVED 1999 champ
Wilson Salim/Melisa Irene - (1) JFF 2012 champ  

Monday, November 19, 2012

UGM Wins ACDC, Still King of Yogyakarta

Debating powerhouse Universitas Gadjah Mada yesterday proved currently the school has no rival in the Yogyakarta-Solo territory after championing the local ALSA UGM Crushbone Debating Competition and sweeping the top three spots on the speaker tab. #1 UGM A (Thoriq Murtadho, Erwina Salsabila, Nabila Aghniarizqa) defeated the cross-city rivals #2 Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta A (Gratsia Kancanamaya, Sydney Samba, Nursantia Indriarty) in the grand final. 

Unsoed Wins First Nationwide Trophy in Makassar Open

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman has been involved in Indonesian competitive debating since the very start, including as the finalist of the first ever Indonesian Varsities English Debate in 1998, but it had come short from winning a nationwide tournament until yesterday when its debaters defeated three Universitas Hasanuddin teams in the 2012 Makassar Debate Open. The champions, Unsoed A (Algi Rahmat Alfianto & Riswanto Jusuf), were among the handful of teams who crossed the time zone to debate in Makassar after organizers at Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang could expand this previously local tournament to include teams from Java, Papua and other cities on Sulawesi island. The best speaker award went to Muhammad Akbar Walenna who just graduated from Universitas Hasanuddin.    

Sunday, November 18, 2012

WSDC 2013 Prepared Motions Revealed

The 5 prepared motions for the 2013 World Schools Debating Championships in Turkey are out. Each WSDC team must undergo 8 preliminary rounds, half of them prepared while the other four will be announced an hour before the debates. The other known motion is designed for the grand final.

WSDC does not use a power matching system as the draw is predetermined using a scheme that gives each team reasonably equal chance to meet opponents from various levels. Prepared motions should be publicised two months before the tournament but the order for the preliminary ones will only be revealed along with the role assignments and complete draw next month. WSDC 2013 will take place from January 28 to February 5. 

This House supports greater US military presence in East Asia
This House believes that important decisions about children's health should be made by medical professionals, not by their parents
This House would cease the exploitation of resources in the Arctic region
This House supports sovereign debt default as a legitimate economic strategy for countries

Grand Final:
This House believes that Turkey is better off outside the European Union

Team Indonesia for WSDC 2013:
Carrisa Tehputri (SMA 4 Denpasar)
Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita (SMA 4 Denpasar)
Sayyid Habibullah (SMA 3 Pontianak)
Adeline Tiffanie (SMA Kristen 1 Jakarta)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bali Takes 2 Spots in Indonesia's WSDC Team... Again

Bali's SMA 4 Denpasar continues its run as the top producer of debaters for Indonesia's team for the World Schools Debating Championships with two students getting into the current squad. Carrisa Tehputri and Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita made the cut after a recent series of selection for WSDC 2013 in Turkey. The 2 girls previously championed the 2012 National Schools Debating Championships with Carissa taking the best speaker award. Earlier this year, 2 of their seniors represented Indonesia in WSDC 2012 in South Africa.

The 2 other members of the new Team Indonesia are Adeline Tiffanie from SMA Kristen 1 Jakarta and Sayyid Habibullah from SMA 3 Pontianak, the first debater from Kalimantan island selected for WSDC since Rusdi Ghazali in 2001. Rusdi, who also hailed from Pontianak, captained the squad that commenced Indonesia's participation in WSDC.

Australs ESL champion Subarkah Syafruddin, a final year law student at Universitas Indonesia, returns as the coach after guiding Team Indonesia to respectable 4-4 finish in WSDC 2012. Debater of the Year 2011 and fellow UI debater Roderick Sibarani accompanies him as co-coach.  Indonesia has only broken twice into the WSDC out rounds, in 2003 and 2004, both times with a 5-3 record in the 8-round mandatory stage. The 2010 team also won 5 times in the preliminaries but came short from breaking.

The newly selected Team Indonesia will feature at the 2013 Indonesian Varsities English Debate in Bandung as a non-breaking team.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Newbies 2012: Undefeated Team Continue UI Reign

UI A (l to r): Zivana Sabili, Claristy, Opi Aristya
#1 Universitas Indonesia A (Zivana Sabili, Opi Aristya, Claristy) won the 2012 Newbies English Debate Competition without a single loss, giving the school its third consecutive title. In the final, they knocked down the motion "THBT punishment for crimes committed on the basis of economic neccesities should be discounted" and unanimously defeated #3 Universitas Padjadjaran B (Siti Nisrina Husna, Livita Sumali, Wiraditma Prananta).

UI also dominated the individual tab by grabbing the top three with Zivana Sabili emerging as best speaker of the competition. Since its inception in 2006, Newbies winners all hailed from UI with an exception in 2009 when Binus International took the trophy out of Depok for the one and only time so far. 

Newbies is an annual tournament held at UI's Depok campus and designed for those without any varsity debating experience. Many Newbies champions have moved on to win national tournaments. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

UI, ITB, Unpad, Atma Share Spots in Newbies 2012 Semifinals

Universitas Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Padjajaran and Universitas Atma Jaya have one team each in tomorrow's semifinals of the 2012 Newbies UI after 4 rounds of debates today. UI A, which broke first without dropping a point, will meet Atma Jaya C while Bandung rivals ITB A and Unpad B will face off in the other knockout match.

Atma Jaya C actually ended at 5th place but got the last spot in the elimination stage after organizers barred ITB B, which had higher points, from breaking because the team had an ineligible member. Newbies UI should be a contest only for those without varsity debating experience but ITB B speaker Wisnu Aryo had such a record. He was a member of Team Indonesia for World Schools Debating Championships 2011 that went against university teams in the 2011 ALSA UI E-Comp a few months before his squad debated in Scotland. It is common for WSDC teams to compete in national varsity level competitions in preparing for the toughest high school tournament in the world. Other universities with ex-WSDC recruits did not send such members to Newbies UI. ITB B's presence had an adverse affect to other participants. All teams that lost to ITB B in the preliminary round failed to advance.        

New Debaters Jostle for Spotlight in Newbies UI 2012

The tournament is billed as Continuum Shift. The 2012 Newbies Competition at Universitas Indonesia begins today, showcasing newly recruited debaters who could dominate the domestic debating scene in a year or two. While there are a few other novice tournaments going on, this one is the most important because it is the stage where most debating powerhouses field their new talents. Besides host UI, debating powerhouses like Binus International, Binus University, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Atma Jaya and Universitas Parahyangan are sending multiple teams to this Asian 3on3 competition. There will be 4 preliminaries today that all of the 24 teams must endure while only the top 4 can advance to the semifinals tomorrow. The co-chief adjudicators are ALSA UI 2012 champions Aulia Anggita and Dennys Kapa, who was also part of the UI team that won Newbies UI in 2010.