Saturday, December 15, 2012

NUS Wins SDO 2012, Bryan Gunawan in Final Panel

National University of Singapore A (Imran Rahim & Robin Teo) won the 2012 Singapore Debate Open last night, defeating teams from University of Cambridge, University of the Witwatersrand and a composite from Malaysia called "Karma" in the last debate. None of the 5 participating Indonesian teams broke into the elimination stage but Bryan Gunawan, a former Binus University debater who now leads the rapidly growing On That Point speech training company, advanced as a judge all the way to the grand final. Bryan also judged in the knockouts of Asian British Parliamentary Debate Championship and Hong Kong Debate Open this year.

Binus International pair Invi Atmanegara and Jaran Walia came very close from making a second international break in as many weeks after they collected the same points with the the last two qualifiers but had insufficient speaker scores to make the cut. They broke in the World Universities Peace Invitational Debate last week. Except from Karma, the other finalists also met in the 2012 WUPID final. 

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