Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AEO 2012: Atma Jaya Beats NUS, Breaks First

Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta A (Cindy Fransisca & Darwin Tanzil) defeated Asian powerhouse National University of Singapore twice in the preliminary rounds of the 2012 Asian English Olympics at Binus University, enabling them to break first into the quarterfinals. Last year, NUS teams won the top Asian 3-on-3 tournament and reached the grand finals of the Asian BP championships. There are 2 NUS squads and a pair from Malaysia's Universiti Teknologi Petronas competing in AEO 2012, which uses the British Parliamentary format, while the rest of the 68 participating teams come from Indonesia.

Besides the 16 teams that advanced into the elimination stage, there are 8 pairs who are eligible to progress to the novice finals. The grand finals will take place on Friday. The qualifying teams are as follows:

Main Break
    Binus University - Venue of AEO 2012
  1. Universitas Atma Jaya A
  2. National University of Singapore A
  3. Universitas Parahyangan A
  4. National University of Singapore B
  5. Universitas Indonesia A
  6. Universitas Padjadjaran B
  7. Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Dakwah Al Hadid A
  8. Institut Teknologi Bandung B
  9. Universitas Indonesia C
  10. Universitas Indonesia B
  11. Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang A
  12. Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa A
  13. Universitas Jenderal Soedirman A
  14. Perguruan Tinggi Teknokrat B
  15. Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta A
  16. Universiti Teknologi Petronas A
 Novice Break
  1. Binus University A
  2. SMA 1 Samarinda A
  3. Universitas Padjadjaran A
  4. Politeknik Sriwijaya A
  5. Universitas Lampung A
  6. Universitas Lampung B
  7. ALSA Universitas Indonesia A
  8. Universitas Negeri Semarang A

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