Friday, July 6, 2012

NSDC 2012: Motions

R1. THBT English should be the language of education in developing countries
R2. THW criminalize littering
R3. TH supports the commercialization of local culture
R4. THBT essential state services should not be privatised
R5. THBT physical education should not be a compulsory subject in schools
OF. THBT medical students in developing nations should be required to undertake 5 years in remote areas
QF. THW no longer require victim consent to prosecute husbands committing domestic violence
SF. THBT indigenous people should be allowed to exclusively apply their tribal law for crimes taking place on their land
GF.THBT developed nations should automatically accept climate change refugees

Antalya Rounds (WSDC Trials)
R1. THBT professional sporting events should no longer consider gender categories
R2. THBT developing nations have the right to prioritize their economic development over the environment
R3. THW ban corporations to financially support political candidates running for election

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