Friday, July 6, 2012

NSDC 2012: Key Results and WSDC Candidates

Champion: #1 Bali (Carrisa Tehputri, Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita, Mulyawati Moeliono)
Finalist: #2 South Sulawesi (Andriano, Khumairah, Aaron Nathanael)
Bali debater Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita
taking a point from South Sulawesi's
Khumairah in the NSDC 2012 final
Best Speaker: Carrisa Tehputri (Bali)

Top 10 Speakers
1. Carrisa Tehputri (Bali)
2. Aryanda Putra Tony (East Kalimantan)
3. Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita (Bali)
4. Nazhifah Junia (Maluku)
5. Andriano PS (South Sulawesi)
6. Jeanne Sanjaya (West Java)
7. Sayyid Habibullah (West Kalimantan)
8. Mulyawati Moeliono (Bali)
9. Chaira Alkanzi (Aceh)
10. Khumaira (South Sulawesi)

8 WSDC Candidates
(Best 24 from nationals randomly put into 8 teams, then debated 3 rounds of trials)
1. Carrisa Tehputri (Bali)
2. Ida Ayu Pradnya Paramita (Bali)
3. Kristi Ardiana (Central Java)
4. Mulyawati Moeliono (Bali)
5. Adeline Tiffanie (Jakarta)
6. Aaron Nathanael (South Sulawesi)
7. Sayyid Habibullah (West Kalimantan)
8. Jeanne Sanjaya (West Java)

The 8 candidates still need to go through the final stage of the selection before they become members of Team Indonesia for the 2013 WSDC in Antalya, Turkey. A WSDC team can consist of 3 to 5 debaters.

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