Thursday, July 5, 2012

24 Students Go Through First Trials for WSDC 2013

The best 24 debaters on the tab of the 2012 National Schools Debating Championship went straight into the first Team Indonesia selection stage. The Antalya rounds will find the top 8 candidates who can represent the country in the 2013 World Schools Debating Championship, which will be held in the Turkish resort area. They must go through 3 rounds of debates today, teaming up with candidates who do not come from their own province. Results will be announced tonight after the NSDC grand final. The list of the 24 speakers is as follows in geographical order from west to east:

Chaira Al Kanzi(Aceh)
Salsabila Ahmadi (Aceh)
Adeline Tiffanie (Jakarta)
Monica Dwiyanti (Jakarta)
Jeanne Sanjaya (West Java)
Thahira Hanum (West Java)
Kristi Ardiana (Central Java)
Aldila Irsyad (East Java)
Ismurroozi Arianto (East Java)
Amalia Kartikasari (West Kalimantan)
Sayyid Habibullah (West Kalimantan)
Amalia Nindya (Central Kalimantan)
Aryanda Putra (East Kalimantan)
Carrisa Tehputri (Bali)
Mulyawati Moeliono (Bali)
Pradnya Paramita (Bali)
Malikah Ambarani (West Nusatenggara)
Qurrat Abu Ayub (West Nusatenggara)
Aaron Nathaniel (South Sulawesi)
Andriano PS (South Sulawesi)
Khumairah (South Sulawesi)
Nazhifah Junia (Maluku)
Barnev Soukotta (Maluku)
Ruth Waterpau (Papua)

(based on Boby Andika's tweets)

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