Friday, October 5, 2012

Search For Indonesia's WSDC 2013 Coach Closes Today

Today is the last day of registration for those who want to coach Team Indonesia for the 2013 World Schools Debating Championships that will take place in Antalya, Turkey. If anyone had missed the original announcement, click here to go to the official letter. This year the ministry is looking for a duet of coaches, at least one with proven WSDC experience as a debater, coach or judge.

Indonesia's best WSDC results come from the 2003 & 2004 squads, which had the same core lineup of 3 members -- Astrid Kusumawardhani (SMA Al Izhar Jakarta), Sahil Mahtani (Sekolah Pelita Harapan Karawaci) and Putu Sanjaya (SMA Kanisius Jakarta). Jurist Tan (SMAK 1 Jakarta) and Ziarini Zaki (SMA Al Azhar BSD Tangerang) completed the teams in 2003 and 2004, respectively. In those two tournaments, Indonesia won 5 out of 8 mandatory rounds and qualified for the knockouts. Since then, no Indonesian team could match that feat. The 2010 team also won 5 preliminaries but came short from the break on judge points. Besides these three instances, other Indonesian teams failed to win more than 4 of their first 8 debates.

World of Wonders Topkapi Palace  Hotel - WSDC 2013 Accommodation  
Last year, the country was represented by Cheryl Nazik Cosslett (SMA 1 Bogor), Revian Wirabuana (SMA 4 Denpasar), Revaldi Wirabuana (SMA 4 Denpasar) and Alif Satria (SMA 8 Yogyakarta), who won 4 debates and reached a respectable rank of #25. It was higher than their pre-tournament seed of #29. Universitas Indonesia law student M. Subarkah Syafruddin coached this team. Cheryl, the only one who is still a high school student, got the highest score among the four and became the 10th best EFL speaker. It is unclear whether this year she could become a returning member.

Other WSDC teams, including the strong ones like New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines, will field returning members. Scotland won WSDC 2012 after beating Wales in the final. These two countries have not announced their lineup yet. A WSDC team can have 3 to 5 members although only 3 can debate in a round. Rotation is part of strategy in WSDC.

What is clear about the Indonesian selection this year is the coaches must find 4 from the 8 candidates chosen from the 2012 National Schools Debating Championships. That process will take place in mid-October. The list of candidates can be accessed here. For the history of Indonesia's participation, go to the WSDC page of this blog.          

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