Monday, October 29, 2012

ABP 2012: Full List of Motions

GF. THBT democratic states should hold a referendum before engaging in a military intervention
SF. THBT the state should prosecute alleged criminals even when they are dead
QF. Assuming that sex selection technology is perfected, THW financially incentivize families that choose to have female children in patriarchal societies
PQF. THW make environmental policies of countries a standard in granting financial assistance

EFL GF. THBT Nobel Peace Prize has lost its purpose
EFL SF. THBT a victim's forgiveness can be used to mitigate a wrongdoer's prison sentence

R6. THBT the European Union should become a political and economic federal super-state
R5. THBT the state should compensate convicts who have been wrongfully convicted
R4. THW ban corporations from making political finance contributions
R3. TH supports a quota for homosexuals athletes in sporting teams
R2. THBT the state should not grant autonomy based upon religious lines
R1. THW abandon diversity as a criterion for university admissions

Test. THW allow performance enchancing drugs in sports

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