Thursday, October 18, 2012

Parahyangan Triumphs in Mock US Presidential Debate

The argument fest between US President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney came to life in Jakarta, a few hours after their second debate in New York.

Representing the Democrats, Universitas Parahyangan debaters (Dian Hutami, Tiola, Josefhine Chitra) impressed in a mock US presidential election debate event held by the US embassy in Jakarta yesterday. They faced Universitas Pelita Harapan, who played the role of the Republicans, in two separate debates. The first one had an Unpar pair play the roles of Obama and Vice President Joe Biden against UPH's version of Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan with both sides taking questions from a moderator. In the second, different speakers came up to be Unpar's Obama and UPH's Romney in a town-hall format with questions from the audience. In both debates, just like how Obama did in the New York debate, Unpar triumphed over the opponent.

Two other universities -- Universitas Indonesia and Universitas Atma Jaya -- were also invited to the event and debated each other just like the two earlier schools did. UI represented the Democrats and Atma played the role of the Republicans. However, the result of this match up was unclear because judges via consensus only decided on who were the best of the day among the four performing universities. At the end of the day, team and individual titles respectively went to Unpar and Tiola, who was Joe Biden in the debate and equalled the seasoned politician's feisty demeanour.

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