Saturday, October 27, 2012

ABP 2012: 4 Nations in Main Final, 3 RI Teams Vie For EFL Title

The grand finalists of the 2012 Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championship for the first time come from 4 different countries. In three past competitions, there were always two teams from a similar nation. #1 National University of Singapore 1, #2 Korea University 1, #5 Universiti Teknologi Mara from Malaysia and #7 National Law School of India University 1 will face off tomorrow in Jakarta for the coveted trophy. It will be the third consecutive final for UT Mara's Maizura Mokhsein. It will also be the first time for a Korean team to appear in the final of an Asian-level championship debate.

In the EFL category, #5 Waseda University 2 from Japan prevented an all-Indonesian final, denying #4 Universitas Parahyangan and #8 Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta from joining their compatriots. The Indonesian teams that will try to keep the trophy from flying away are #1 Universitas Indonesia 1 (Dennys Kapa & Elghafiky Bimardhika), #3 Binus University 1 (Rosmiyana & Sabarudin Adinugroho) and #6 Universitas Gadjah Mada 1 (Cinantyan Punjung & Wida Wahyuni). The ESL final will start mid-day tomorrow at Binus International's JWC campus. Visitors should register beforehand and buy the Rp 50.000/person ticket.  

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