Saturday, February 4, 2012

DOTY 2012 Begins with WUDC Results

IndoDebate's Debater of the Year (DOTY) restarts with results from the 2012 World Universities Debating Championships in Manila.  The January 2012 table did not differentiate between ESL and EFL speaker lists but resorted to the list of Indonesian speakers in WUDC 2012. It also took into account the achievements in the EFL knockouts. This approach is exclusive for WUDC. In result, Adlini Ilma Ghaisany from Universitas Indonesia is the current table leader for being the best Indonesian speaker in WUDC. Schoolmate Ahmad Naufal Dai has the same total point but his recent graduation means he will slip down in coming months as more results enter the equation.

Other international varsity competitions do not have three tiers of English level. Their secondary tier will be seen equal to a national competition. With the increase in Indonesian participation in international tournaments, the DOTY 2012 will reward those who break into the main knockouts or speaker list with bonus points that equal winning a nationwide championship (Ex: just breaking in Asian BP will earn debater 3 points regardless how far his/her team go.)   

There was no nationwide varsity tournament in Indonesia in January. There will be 4 this month, including the 15th Indonesian Varsities English Debate, the de-facto nationals, next week.  All of those debaters on the current list bar one will skip IVED 2012, guaranteeing the February list will have many new names. Click here to see current DOTY table.

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