Wednesday, February 8, 2012

IVED 2012: Motions from R2 & R3

The second and third rounds of the 15th Indonesian Varsities English Debate used motions related to money matters with different headings. R2 results only began to trickle around 5 pm while the impromptu motions for R3 were launched at dusk. Results from the last round may only emerge around 9 pm.

R2 - Economics & Politics (Prepared)
  • THW introduce financial transaction tax
  • THW forgive students' debt
  • THBT the government should not treat water resources as basic human rights, but rather as commodities
R3 - Government & Business (Impromptu)
  • THW force multinational companies to adopt labour standards of developed nations
  • THW ban political lobbying organisations
  • THBT European Union should ban companies under its jurisdiction from selling chemicals used in administering the death penalty
Some clean sheets after R2 :
2VP: Bakrie 1, ITB 3, UGM 1, UGM 2, UI 1, UI 2, UI 3, Unpad 1, Unpad 2

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