Monday, January 14, 2013

IVED 2013: Fresh Brawijaya v Bipeds & Classic UI v UGM in SF

Two fresh institutions represented in the semifinals of the 2013 Indonesian Varsities English Debate have never reached the grandfinal before, let alone winning the title. But only one of them will set a record as they will meet each other tomorrow. The other match is a classic showdown of the country's powerhouses.

In the first semifinal, darkhorse #5 Universitas Brawijaya A (Nur Rizki Oceano, Zelly Sidi Zamzami, Queentries Regar) will face #1 Binus International A (Invi Atmanegara, Jaran Walia, Andrew Sadeli), a team with three trophies combined, including the ESL title from the 2012 United Asian Debating Championships. Brawijaya is an old player in Indonesian debating that reached the semifinals in the 2nd IVED in 1999 but in recent years its national achievements have been scarce. The latter debaters, despite their past triumphs, come from a club that only emerged less than five years ago but rapidly rose with support from foreign coaches. Teams from Binus International Pool of English Debaters (Bipeds) have won NUEDC and other domestic tournaments but still have no trophy from Indonesia's three classics -- IVED, JOVED, ALSA UI.

In the other semifinal, #2 Universitas Indonesia A (Dennys Kapa, Magreta Kaila Adenta, Revaldi Wirabuana) will face #3 Universitas Gadjah Mada B (Amir Abdul Aziz, Erwina Salsabila, Romario Tambunan). UI has won IVED eight times while UGM twice. Their showdowns at end rounds of national tournaments have been frequent and usually highly spirited.

IVED is the national 3-on-3 championships. It is the first truly nationwide tournament using an internationally accepted format. Winners are considered the best of their generation. Last year, cinderella team Universitas Bakrie defeated UI in the final. This year, Bakrie failed to break.     

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