Monday, September 22, 2014

Bali Reclaims National School Title, Raids Speaker Awards

#1 Bali (Yandiaz Maulana, Jana Virananda, Keila Ayu) championed the 2014 National Schools Debating Championship that the province won two years ago. They were unbeaten in the preliminary stage and continued to eliminate opponents in the knockouts. Jana Virananda topped the speaker tab while Yandiaz Maulana came second. Both come from SMA 4 Denpasar, the powerhouse that supplied all the debaters who won NSDC 2012. Their team mate Keila Ayu is a student of cross-city rival SMA 1 Denpasar, the school from which Bali's unsuccessful 2013 team derived.

The 2013 failure led to no Bali representation in the 2014 national high school team after the two past teams each had two members from the province. There is now a big chance Bali will be prominently present again in Team Indonesia 2015 that will compete in next year's World Schools Debating Championships in Singapore. In the final yesterday, Bali defeated #3 West Java.    

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