Monday, September 22, 2014

Host IPB Wins Agricultural Debate, Beats UGM Favourites

Little known debaters from Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia's top agricultural school, showed thematic competency can ensure victory with their triumph in the Debate Competition on Environment and Agriculture that was held on their own campus yesterday. In the final, IPB A (Anwari Sugiharto & Adhi Pranata), who had failed to excel in past tournaments, defeated runaway favourite Universitas Gadjah Mada A (Caessar Pronocitro & Erwina Salsabila), both debaters have won prestigious awards for years, UGM B (Wida Wahyuni & Noel Hasintongan) and Universitas Indonesia A (Qurrat Abu Ayub & Ayu Sistiafi). This was the first time IPB championed a well-attended debate competition, let alone an international one.

The success in the final was no fluke because IPB debater Adhi Pranata also topped the individual tab and his partner Anwari Sugiharto came second on that list, showing their prominence in the preliminary rounds. In line with the competition's name, most debates had an agricultural theme. The winners were the only agricultural students in the final, in which they proposed the lifting of protectionist policies on agricultural products, an issue that they study at the university. The other finalists were international relations, french literature, biology and medical students.

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