Sunday, November 27, 2011

Founders' Trophy 2011: Motions and Book Winners Day 1

Four preliminary rounds of the 2011 EDSUI Founders' Trophy finished on Saturday but the competition among potential breaking teams is still on. The fifth round on Sunday morning will decide the top 16 teams that can proceed into the knockouts. FT, the oldest British Parliamentary debate contest in Indonesia, is known as the most competitive tournament in the country but this year that reputation was reinforced. Among the 48 pairs that entered the ring, around two dozen debaters boast at least one debating trophy in each of their cabinets.

All teams this year compete under no affiliation and their call codes are their own names. Among the participants, there are alumni teams, composites, Indonesia's WSDC 2012 squad split into two, varsity teams prepping for Manila Worlds and novices.

As usual, each FT round has a motion linked to a book donated by an alumnus of the English Debating Society Universitas Indonesia and at the end of it the speaker with highest score in that particular debate gets the donation. The motions and book winners of FT 2011 are as follows :

R1 THW hold Wikileaks and its affiliates criminally liable for espionage
Best Speaker: Soni Lewi (Ex-UI/CMDC'08 Champ)

R2 THBT animals should be represented in the parliament
Best Speaker: Satrio Adi Pratama (Undip/JOVED'11 Champ)

R3 THBT the feminist movement should not celebrate slutwalks
Best Speaker: Melanie Tedja (Ex-UI/IVED'03 Champ)

R4 TH supports China's plan to take over Europe's debt
Best Speaker: Melanie Tedja (Ex-UI/IVED'03 Champ)

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