Saturday, November 19, 2011

WSDC 2012 Prepared Motions Announced

A day after the formation of Team Indonesia for the 2012 World Schools Debating Championships, organisers of the Cape Town event revealed the motions for the prepared rounds. Each WSDC team must undergo 8 preliminary rounds, half of them prepared while the other four will be announced an hour before the debates.

WSDC does not use a power matching system as the draw is predetermined using a scheme that gives each team reasonably equal chance to meet opponents from various levels. While the motions for WSDC Cape Town are out, the organizers did not disclose the timing of the motions. They may be revealed along with the role assignments and complete draw in December. The only motion with a clear designation is the one for the grand final.

The prepared motions for the 2012 WSDC that will take place from January 17 to 27 are:

THBT newly democraticised Arab nations should not allow religious parties to participate in elections
THBT the feminist movement should seek a ban on pornography
THBT developing nations should place limits on internal urban-rural migration
THBT states should enshrine legally actionable socio-economic rights

Grand Final:
TH regrets South Africa's decision to use the Truth and Reconciliation Commission rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes committed under Apartheid

Good luck to Team Indonesia 2012 (Alif Satria, Cheryl Nazik Cosslett, Revaldi Wirabuana, Revian Wirabuana) in prepping the motions.

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