Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WUDC 2012: Full List of Motions

Here are all the motions used in the 2012 World Universities Debating Championships in Manila. The topics have attracted criticism for their general nature and lack of adherence to current affairs but also prompted credit as they forced debaters to focus more on case construction rather than precise knowledge.

Open Knockouts
GF TH supports nationalism
SF THBT images designed to even slightly arouse the viewers should be restricted to adult shops and .xxx domains
QF THBT Western consultants advising dictatorships have a moral duty to sabotage them
OF THW not allow a single media company to own multiple TV channels or newspapers whether in print or online

ESL Knockouts
GF TH supports scientists who fabricate evidence exaggerating the certainty of man-made climate change where there is low likelihood of being caught
SF In countries with few female politicians, THBT it is good to have a politically active first lady
QF THW limit government ministers' standard of living to that of someone on the current median wage

EFL Knockouts
GF THBT public education systems should raise the aspirations of children from disadvantaged backgrounds beyond that which is realistic to expect them to achieve
SF THBT when doctors discover patients have sexual transmitted diseases, they should reveal that information the patient's partner

R9 THW ban all private healthcare in favour of a comprehensive public healthcare system
R8 THW exempt academic disputes from defamation
R7 TH supports the free movement of labour worldwide
R6 TH supports politicians who pass progressive legislation even when it is contrary to the wishes of the democratic electorate
R5 THW require deaf parents to send their children, whether deaf or hearing, to mainstream schools for their primary and secondary education
R4 THW require individuals to use all their wealth beyond $5 million for philantrophic projects
R3 THW force large companies who leave an area to cover the costs of structural unemployment
R2 THW prevent politicians from making fact claims, that, while not technically lies, are substantially misleading voters
R1 THW make fathers take paternity leave

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