Monday, June 23, 2014

JOVED 2014: Brawijaya, Binus Intl Face Off in Their First JOVED Final

The final of the 2014 Java Overland Varsities English Debate will be between clubs that have never reached this stage before. #1 Universitas Brawijaya (Zelly Sidi Zamzami, M. Fahri Akbar, Nadya Ayuning) will be the first ever team from their school to debate in the final of a classic national tournament. They are members of UB's Formasi club. Their opponent will be #2 Binus International (Melisa Irene, Wilson Salim, Gierdino Julian), who come from BIPEDS, an organization that last year won the country's no.1 tournament -- the Indonesia Varsities English Debate. The club had never produced a JOVED finalist. Binus students have won JOVED before but they came from a different club.

The history of JOVED is full of milestones. It is the first tournament in Indonesia that uses an internationally accepted format. It is the competition with the most diverse set of champions. No school has been able to win three JOVEDs in a row. It is the first debate contest that had a winner from outside the western Java debate epicenter. The 18th edition of JOVED will also become a milestone as it will have a champion from a club with no history of winning it.  

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