Wednesday, December 28, 2011

IndoDebate Hits Exceed 50,000, More Updates to Come

IndoDebate reached a milestone today after crossing the line of 50,000 hits. Since Jan. 7 this year until this post, the blog has uploaded 243 stories on the Indonesian debating scene or around 20 per month, attracting an average of 150 hits per day. Thank you for following, supporting or at least taking interest in this blog.  IndoDebate started as an individual project to document results that were scattered in several mailing lists, especially in Indodebaters, club websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts and it will continue to do that. However, an analysis of the hits showed that the number of users spiked dramatically at the end of major Indonesian tournaments. That is why IndoDebate will keep on providing updates from the local circuit.

The blog will also stick to the manageable model of short stories. There have been suggestions to convey opinions on debating issues in Indonesia or push certain agendas like the idea of a debating union. What this blog can promise is it will chronicle the twists and turns of the Indonesian debating scene and let those who are active debaters take centerstage. The next series of postings will exactly follow that line as the blog will have updates on what Indonesian debaters face at the pinnacle of varsity debating -- the ongoing World Universities Debating Championships in Manila.    

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