Friday, December 9, 2011

ABP 2011: Motions on Day 2

The 2011 Asian British Parliamentary Debating Championship ran 4 rounds today to ensure the break can be announced tonight. Motions on Day 2 of debates are as follows:
R3 THW abolish gated communities with extensive private security
R4 THW require all media outlets to organized as cooperatives, owned and run by journalistis only
R5 THW not allow countries undertaking military intervention abroad to harvest natural resources while they are there
R6 THBT feminists should campaign for fathers' rights


  1. Just a slight correction, motion R5 is "while they are there." :) thanks bubu for constantly updating Indonesia! :) - Bryan

  2. Thanks bubu for constantly updating Indonesia! :) Just a slight correction that round 5 is "while they are there" :) - bryan

  3. Thanks for the correction, bryan. Corrected