Tuesday, April 30, 2013

ALSA UI E-Comp 2013: ITB Debaters Grab Varsity Title, Best Speaker

The 2013 ALSA UI English Competition varsity crown went to a team from Institut Teknologi Bandung, which last won the tournament three years ago. ITB's Jane Revevalin also topped the speaker tab, immediately followed by teammate Fauzan Maulana.

In the final, ITB A (Alris Alfharisi, Fauzan Maulana, Jane Revevalin) outclassed #5 Binus International (Invi Atmanegara, Jaran Walia, Wilson Salim) in a debate on whether to assimilate rebels into the national army after a conflict ceases. It was the second time the trio of sophomores from Bandung defeated the more experienced Jakarta-based team in three days after their first victory in R4.

ALSA UI E-Comp is the longest running debate tournament in Indonesia and considered one of the three prestigious classics. The 3-on-3 contest reached its 17th edition this year. Teams from Universitas Indonesia have won all championships except in 2007, 2009, 2010 and the most recent one.  

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