Saturday, October 5, 2013

ABP 2013: 5 Indonesian Teams Break into EFL Quarters

pNone from Indonesia managed to advance into the main knockouts of the 2013 Asian British Parliamentary debate tournament but 5 Indonesian teams are still alive in the competition after breaking into the quarterfinals of the lower English-as-Foreign-Language category. Being held in populous China, where almost all teams from the host country are EFL, the category had more eligible teams than usual, compelling the organizers to qualify 16 pairs. The fifth Indonesian team, #17EFL Universitas Indonesia B, got through as a substitute after the ABP council meeting ruled one of the debaters of #9EFL Northeastern Normal University from China was an ineligible participant. The EFL break list is populated by Chinese, Indonesian, and Korean teams. The revised order is as follows.

Beihang University - Venue of ABP 2013
1. Chinese University of Hong Kong A
2. Binus International A
3. Beihang University C
4. Binus University A
5. Binus International B
6. Sichuan University A
7. Sun Yat Sen University A
8. Northeastern University Qinhuangdao A
9. Tsinghua University A
10. SolBridge International School of Business A
11. Sun Yat Sen University B
12. Tsinghua University C
13. NFLS A
14. China University of Petroleum D
15. Universitas Indonesia A
16. Universitas Indonesia B

Six Indonesian teams went to China ABP. The only team that will no longer debate, Universitas Indonesia C, ranked above the ones who broke with 16 points - only a notch shy from the open break. One of its debaters, however, lived in Australia long enough to make her ineligible for EFL status.

The main break list is led by Singaporean and Malaysian teams with some Chinese pairs from Hong Kong slipping into pre-quarters along with a few Koreans and a pair each from India and the Philippines. The top 24 teams in the open competition are:

1. Universiti Teknologi Mara A
2. Nanyang Technological University A
3. National University of Singapore A
4. National University of Singapore B
5. International Islamic University B
6. Universiti Teknologi Mara D
7. Multimedia University Melaka A
8. Singapore Management University A
9. International Islamic University A
10. National University of Singapore C
11. University of Hong Kong A
12. International Islamic University C
13. Underwood International College A
14. Universiti Malaya B
15. National Law School of India University C
16. De La Salle University A
17. University of Hong Kong B
18. University of Hong Kong C
19. National University of Singapore D
20. Universiti Teknologi Mara B
21. International Medical University A
22. Chung Ang University A
23. Multimedia University Melaka B
24. Universiti Malaya A

The elimination stage of ABP 2013 starts tomorrow.

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