Thursday, October 10, 2013

ABP 2013: Indonesian Results

Six Indonesian teams went to the 2013 Asian British Parliamentary debate tournament and 5 of them broke into the EFL knockouts. Ironically, the sixth pair, #28 Universitas Indonesia C (Nisrina Praharso & Elvia Sumayastra), performed the best among them in the prelims and matched the victory point of the last team that broke into the open knockouts. UI C could not advance into the elimination rounds because they were four spots short of the open break and one of the speakers had lived in Australia long enough to make her ineligible to debate in the EFL category. Here are the results of the Indonesian teams in ABP 2013.

#28 Universitas Indonesia C (Nisrina Praharso & Elvia Sumayastra) 16 points
#35/#2EFL Binus International A (Jaran Walia & Melisa Irene) 15 points -- EFL finalists
#40/#4EFL Binus University A (Cassandra Etania Liem & Rivera Kathryn) 15 points -- EFL quarterfinalists
#41/#5EFL Binus International B (Andrianto Khiputra & Wilson Salim) 15 points -- EFL finalists
#58/#16EFL Universitas Indonesia A (Stella Kusumawardhani & Ibrahim Panji Indra) 13 points -- EFL semifinalists
#60/#17EFL Universitas Indonesia B (Anastasia Sijabat & Magreta Kailla Adenta) 13 points -- EFL finalists

Note: UI A and UI B became #15EFL and #16EFL respectively for the EFL knockouts because #9EFL NENU A failed to meet eligibility rules to advance.

Top 5 Indonesian speakers
#37/#1EFL Jaran Walia (Binus International A) -- Best EFL speaker
#65 Nisrina Praharso (Universitas Indonesia C)
#65/#6EFL Melisa Irene (Binus International A)
#76/#10EFL Cassandra Etania Liem (Binus University A)
#76/#10EFL Wilson Salim (Binus International B)

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