Monday, April 28, 2014

ALSA UI E-Comp 2014: Varsity Semis Involve 4 Title Holders

UI's faculty of law - home of ALSA UI E-Comp
There are only 4 universities that have won the ALSA UI English Competition debate, Indonesia's longest-running debate tournament, and their representatives will face off in the 2014 edition's semifinals tomorrow. Since mid-1990s, teams from Universitas Indonesia, where the championship is held annually, have only lost the title 4 times to 3 other schools, including last year when Institut Teknologi Bandung debaters snatched it for the second time.

In the first semifinal match, #1 UI A (Magreta Kailla Adenta, Roderick Sibarani, Terry Muthahhari), which is bent on reclaiming the throne, will meet #5 ITB A (Kirana Kania, Aulia Widyaputra, Midia Arifandi), which wants to keep it. In the second one, #2 Universitas Gadjah Mada A (Indriani Pratiwi, Romario Tambunan, Wida Wahyuni) will debate against #3 Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta A (Cindy Fransisca, Kario Teguh, Silvya Suwandy). UGM won the title in 2007 while their opposing school grabbed it two years after.    

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