Monday, May 27, 2013

UADC 2013: 3 Indonesian Teams Advance to EFL Knockouts, None to Main

Three Indonesian teams are still standing in the 2013 United Asian Debating Championships. While none of them broke into the main knockouts, they managed to qualify for the secondary English-as-Foreign Language category that Indonesian teams have championed since the 1st UADC in 2010. Seven squads from Indonesia are among the 81 competing in Asia's most prestigious 3-on-3 debate competition that is taking place in Manila.

Institut Teknologi Bandung 1 broke first for the EFL eliminations, Universitas Parahyangan 1 third while Binus University 1 immediately followed at fourth. This year's organisers first decided only 4 teams could advance into the EFL semifinals but later they expanded the break, allowing two other teams to join the pre-semifinal showdown. Unpar and Binus need to win another match now to reach the semi. Last year's EFL champion, Binus International, failed to make the cut.

EFL Break (main rank/W-L record)
1. Institut Teknologi Bandung 1 (#40/4-4)
2. International Christian University 2 (#46/4-4)
3. Universitas Parahyangan 1 (#50/4-4)
4. Binus University 1 (#51/4-4)
5. China Agricultural University 1 (#52/4-4)
6. International Christian University 1 (#54/3-5)

Pre-Semifinal Match-Up
#3 Universitas Parahyangan v #6 International Christian University 1 (JPN)
#4 Binus University v #5 China Agricultural University 1 (KOR)


  1. a bit correction... the fifth breaking on efl is not chung ang univ but china agricultural univ...thanks