Sunday, November 3, 2013

Newbies 2013: UI Recruits Sweep Team, Speaker Awards

Universitas Indonesia B (Monica Dwiyanti, Dinda Adhalia, Qurrat Abu Ayub)
Powerhouse Universitas Indonesia cleaned out the awards at the 2013 Newbies Debate Competition, showing it continues to attract the best recruits. Since 2006, all winners of national tournaments exclusively for freshers hailed from UI with an exception in 2009 when Binus International won Newbies for the one and only time.

In Newbies 2013, #1 UI B (Monica Dwiyanti, Qurrat Abu Ayub, Dinda Adhalia) defeated schoolmates #3 UI C (Shaffa'ati Fadzrin, Ireisha Anindya, Priscilla Tjokrowijoto) on a 5-2 split decision in the final that had a motion on human clone farming. Monica Dwiyanti grabbed the best speaker title and her UI B partners were right behind her. UI B did not drop a single match throughout the tournament.

Newbies is the annual 3-on-3 tournament for new recruits. The National Novice Debate Championship that usually takes place in May is a similar competition but it uses the BP format. All NNDC titles have gone to UI as well.  

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  1. May I know the list of the name of Newbies Debate Competition since 2006? Thank you for your help :)