Monday, April 9, 2012

NUEDC 2012: Invite Out Since March, Rego Ends This Week

The invitation for the 2012 National Universities English Debating Championships has been released since March 23 but many societies have no inkling about it due to bureaucratic reasons. Click here for the invitation. The registration to your local regional offices (Kopertis Wilayah) has been open since March 26. There are still five days left to file the names of 2 debaters and 1 adjudicator who will represent your university before it closes on April 13. The Indonesian education ministry also has launched guidelines for NUEDC 2012, which can be found here.

Like last year, NUEDC will have 12 regional selections that will produce 8 teams each, rounding up the number of the national round to 96 pairs. NUEDC is the Indonesian government-run national competition using the British Parliamentary format. Winners receive funding for their participation in the World Universities Debating Championships. The next WUDC will be held in Berlin.

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