Monday, May 28, 2012

UADC 2012: 3 Indonesian Teams in EFL Semifinals

Three Indonesian teams advanced into the English-as-Foreign-Language semifinals of the 2012 United Asian Debating Championships, matching last year's achievements. Binus International A (Invi Atmanegara, Caroline Herlina, Jaran Walia) topped the EFL list, Binus University A (Cassandra Etania Liem, Radite Adjie, Rivera Kathrin) broke third and Universitas Parahyangan A (Dwita Aryani, Dian Hutami, Tiola Veronica) came fourth. They will try to grab the same EFL title that Universitas Bakrie won in UADC 2011. The match-ups for the semifinals are as follows:

#1 Binus International A v #4 Universitas Parahyangan A
#2 International Christian University A (Japan) v #3 Binus University A   

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