Sunday, June 24, 2012

NUEDC 2012: Undefeated Atma Lead Half Way in Prelims

Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta (Cindy Fransisca & Davin Susanto) are leading in the 2012 National Universities English Debating Championship with a perfect score of 12 VPs after coming first in the 4 preliminary rounds that have taken place. There are still 3 debates to go for all participants before the break tomorrow. The pair failed to reach their regional final in May but they bounced back, improved and topped the team tab in the International Public Speaking and Debate Competition in early June, beating Asian powerhouse National University of Singapore more than once throughout the tournament before reaching its grand final.

Motions so far:
R1. THBT countries suffering from severe economic crisis should not be allowed to participate in international sporting events
R2. THW compel tobacco companies to fund the rehabilitation cost for smokers wishing to quit
R3. THBT public schools should teach atheism
R4. THBT the world should stop the development of artificial intelligence

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